Imagine a bank for today’s people
A bank for people who are not getting their information from newsstands, because they learn what’s going on from their friends on social networks. For those who turn to their smartphones instead of maps when they need to get somewhere or those who stream their music online instead of playing CDs.
The Dark Ages
of banking are over
Are you fed up of paying fees for just having a bank account? Fed up of not being appreciated by your bank? Fed up of everything taking too long and getting lost every time you are trying to use internet banking? And if you want to transfer your money, you have to know IBAN, SEPA, SHA, SWIFT, BIC, codes, ciphers... Isn’t it ridiculous?
So, what should the bank you would like to use every day be like?
Of course Bank accounts must be
free of charge
Regardless of the common practice, we will do it our way. Because we believe that basic banking services have to be simply for free.
You will not
need a manual
Sending money to friends for lunch should not be a rocket science. We want modern banking to be available for anyone who can switch on a smartphone.
Become a client
in 365 seconds
Sooner than your name is called in another bank or your eggs are cooked, you have your account opened in 365 bank. Doesn’t matter if you’re at home, work, the hairdresser’s or the park at the moment. Just a few minutes and it’s done!
dear front desk lady
Don’t go to a branch! With us, you will be able to handle everything just as well via our smart 365 app. Maybe while sipping on a cup of coffee.
We have great plans,
stay in touch
What would you say if your card gives you back some of the money you’ve paid? Or would you prefer an app which helps you save money? Or loans that are just a few taps away? Yes, we are already working on it. And our ambitions stretch beyond the borders of Slovakia. Please, just be patient…
We are like you. People who expect more from their bank
Marek Šupa


“I once said to myself that when I grow up, I'll build an intelligent bank that will help today's people reduce the stress of money. Today, I have a great team around me and that’s why I believe that we will be able to make this goal of mine come true.”

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