Imagine a bank for today’s people
A bank for people who are not getting their information from newsstands, because they learn what’s going on from their friends on social networks. For those who turn to their smartphones instead of maps when they need to get somewhere or those who stream their music online instead of playing CDs.

What we have already prepared

An account - on our account!

Paying for a basic service such as a current account is not worth it at all. That is why in 365 with the outmost certainty people get their account for nothing – for free.

Our app is available only for people with Slovak ID. But we are working on launching an application for non-Slovaks. Stay online.

Piggy bank in your phone

A piggy bank just won’t tell you when you are going to hit that dream holiday target, if you keep up your current savings rate. Our 365 savings account will! Furthermore, if you need to withdraw, there is no need to break your phone with a hammer.

You will get your cash back

Imagine that you purchase trousers for €20 and the next week the merchant comes to you and gives you back €3. This is exactly how our Cash back program “s5” works, only no one will visit you in person, instead the money will be deposited automatically in your account.

Mobile phone is your new payment card

We are fans of Google Pay, so if you own an Android phone and you want to pay, with 365 you can seamlessly and effortlessly transfer your mobile device to a payment card.

The age of cash(ew) is over. But if you must…

With your 365 payment card you may make free cash withdrawals at over 1700 places in Slovakia. In essence, you can do so at all ATM’s of Postova banka, at every Post Office and at selected merchants carrying the logo of MasterCard CashBack.

You have something to look forward to

Unicorn, bomb, Martian, beer

Forget numbers. Protect your app with emojis. Our PIE code (Personal Identification Emoji) is safer than a PIN number and is much easier to remember. More importantly, it’s more fun!

You are the key

What is the easiest way to open your 365 app? With a glance or a touch of hand. Our app can securely identify you through face ID or your fingerprint - touch ID.

People become clients just through their phone

Dozens of papers, contracts, lists, stamps and a signature here, there, everywhere, one more here and also one here.. Oh sorry, and one more here…

With us people can open an account without such torture.

Our app is available only for people with Slovak ID. But we are working on launching an application for non-Slovaks. Stay online.

Safe spending

Your current balance is just a number. Our app can show you precisely at every moment how safe are you in your spending in order to keep your budget in check.

Your card is always on hand

You have no idea where your card is, but you know that the emergency number to have it blocked is on the flip side of the card. Neat, right?

If your card has mysteriously disappeared, or was stolen by aliens, or (truth be told) you just lost it, you can easily block it in your app. And should you find it the next moment in the other pocket, you can unblock it just as easily.

Your real current balance is what you see on your display

We hold this crucial fact with a great deal of respect. With every transaction you get an instant notification. No more letters, postcards or SMS.

The Dark Ages
of banking are over
Are you fed up of paying fees for just having a bank account? Fed up of not being appreciated by your bank? Fed up of everything taking too long and getting lost every time you are trying to use internet banking? And if you want to transfer your money, you have to know IBAN, SEPA, SHA, SWIFT, BIC, codes, ciphers... Isn’t it ridiculous?
So, what should the bank you would like to use every day be like?
dear front desk lady
Don’t go to a branch! With us, you will be able to handle everything just as well via our smart 365 app. Maybe while sipping on a cup of coffee.
We are like you. People who expect more from their bank
Marek Šupa


“I once said to myself that when I grow up, I'll build an intelligent bank that will help today's people reduce the stress of money. Today, I have a great team around me and that’s why I believe that we will be able to make this goal of mine come true.”

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