Marek Šupa


I once said to myself that when I grow up, I'll build an intelligent bank that will help today's people reduce the stress of money. Today, I have a great team around me and that’s why I believe that we will be able to make this goal of mine come true.

Tomáš Barbarič development

I'm still looking for something the 365 could do differently and, at the same time, I'm still looking for a shop where I could buy at least 2 hours a day. Do you know about any?

Janka Baumgartnerova


I am in charge of operation, making things work every day. I believe in Gauss and I will be happy when most of our clients and colleagues are satisfied.

Juraj Šnirc

I breathe life into the 365 brand and, as a by-product, I draw lame cats with a German accent.

Magdaléna Bočová


I provide support to our entire team, and I handle and organise things quickly and with a smile.

Linda Gáliková

For me, PR is derived from the word "true" /PRavda in Slovak/. My job is you only get true information about us.

Martin Holubčík

Thanks to me, our beautiful campaigns can be seen on the Internet. And besides, I'm an unappreciated DJ of our department.

Nikol Kőszeghy development

I work to make the 365 earn you more money. Because your future wealth is not everything you earn, it is everything you do not spent unwisely.

Filip Lehocký development

My job is to turn sending money into an experience rather than a nuisance for you. My leisure activity is teasing Lilit.

Michaela Makýšová

I wrap our brand into social networks and I am a regular contributor to the Dadaist atmosphere in our office.

Lilit Mamikonyan development

I make sure your card works (not only in your life). In addition, I test Filips nerves.

Jakub Peťko development

My job is to make what we plan for you work and I also administer our website. So, my colleagues made me the local UX critic.

Štefan Šimík


I'm in charge of DataScience and of the development of predictive models. Thanks to them, you can get the right information at the right time.

Rudi Vrábel


I translate financial markets into plain language and strive to make investment simple and available for everyone.

Richard Chovanec


While contributing to visible innovations in the product development, I try to set up processes so that no one notices.