365.culture @Grape Festival

Are you an artist? Do you enjoy festivals and are not afraid of challenges? Then you´re at the right place! ☺ We have a big one for you.

Next year, 365.bank will be a partner of the Grape Festival again and will, again, support under the 365.culture header the best site-specific installations. This is the second year that we are announcing the art challenge in which you may win as much as EUR 36,500 for the creation of your artwork. 

Who are we searching for?

Contemporary artists who are not afraid to experiment, who are creative, daring and want to reimagine their ideas for the immense installation that will beguile us at the Grape Festival. If you already happen to have such a work or you want to create it, just show us, we are curious. And you might get up to 36,500 euros from us.

How should the work look?

Creativity knows no boundaries! It´s only up to you to decide between a sculpture, object, or an installation. Our view of banking is different, untraditional, and this is how we also would like to see the art. Therefore we will support artworks which allow for innovative and interactive perception of visual art, inspire dialogue with the public and, ideally, also make use of the state-of-the-art technologies or new media. In any case, we can´t wait to see what you´ve got for us!

Who do we choose?

Certainly just one artist, but no more than five of them who will write to us and present their idea or an already existing work along with the budget for its implementation. Artists from Slovakia or abroad, or even author groups may join the challenge.

In the application, we need to see the sketch or visualization of the work, the manner and the procedure of its implementation (remember the time schedule and safety specifications), as well as the artist’s intention of the work, its technical requirements (e.g. on electricity, etc.) and the preliminary budget ( including costs for logistics, installation, material, etc.). We are also interested in your CV and the work you have created up to now. You can send us everything to culture@365.bank no later than 31 December 2018.

The winner or winners will be decided by an expert committee in two rounds. If you are shortlisted, you will learn about it no later than on 25 January 2019. The winner will be announced on 31 January 2019 latest.

What can you get for that?

Whether you will receive the EUR 36,500 will also depend on how we like the ideas of other artists. If they are as good as yours, we will distribute this sum among many of you.

We are looking forward to your artistic ideas!